Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have discovered a new blog, which is always a good thing. Anna Millie writes 'Confessions of a Psychologist' which is intriguing enough as a title. So I've been reading for a little while now and she is a great read, please take the time to check it out.

Aaaanyway, she recently wrote a post on subliminal sex messages in advertising. Go and have a look, it's worth it just for the curiosity factor alone.

Go on, I'll wait right here.

Are you back? Were you as gobsmacked and dumbfounded as I was? At the raw obviousness of some and the rather hidden and devious efforts of others?

Okay, so now, having seen all that and (I am) thinking, well, of course, sex sells and all that. We are adults, that is all aimed at adults, it's all well and good. Sort of. Plus I'm above it all and that whole subliminal thing is a bunch of psycho mumbo jumbo drivel etc etc. It's only the perverted who actually see it and worse are the ones who actively go looking for it in the media.




Well she more recently did another post on the same topic. On subliminal sex messages in children's movies. Disney movies to be exact. Go on, off you go. Just make sure your little Minnies or Mickeys aren't staring over you shoulder as they focus in on the familiar and then not quite so familiar images.

Did you go look?

Oh. My. God.

I have two girls. And I am bloody terrified of having to raise them past the age of thirteen ten eight. The world is a sharp and pointy, sex obsessed, nudity loving, nasty, cursing scary place at times. Self esteem and body image issues weigh heavily on my mind now. Navigating teenage sex and STI prevention and alcohol and drug experimentation, getting into cars with irresponsible people, avoiding cyber bullying and poor study habits with two young women in the stranglehold of hormone storms keeps me awake at night. Seriously, I am worried about these things already.

So how does the world help me at the tender young ages I find them at now?

It puts a subliminal word in Rapunzel's hair and another in the night sky with Simba. It has Snow White contemplating oral sex and Minnie dancing with an oversized penis. Even if it is only directed at the adults who understand the word sex, then that is bad enough. We don't need that kind of encouragement to get our kids to watch your movies. Seriously.

Can this be real?

And if it is, then I am 'this' close to boycotting Disney forever.

Some illustrators either have a sick sense of humour or some nerds have way too much time on their hands looking for the subliminal images.

I am totally and utterly horrifed. Yet not all together shocked either, which is probably worse.

What do you make of it all?


beccyb said...

gasping at the disney ones, and nodding in a disappointed fashion at the advertising. and Kmart yesterday pulling the teen undies off the shelves...the compulsive thought that s.e.x is the magic bullet (no pun intended) for advertising is beyond me. i'd rather clever pun, or just tell me about your product and i'll decide if i want to buy it. But i'm no advertiser. I am a consumer though, and I am a woman, and a mother of 3 young children, both genders, and I agree that the hormone fest will start early enough without premature questions about sexual inuendo and precosious faux eroticism. let them ask age appropriate questions as the discover the world on their own and feel what they feel without external prompting.
I'm no prude, I have fielded questions from my kids about reproduction, sexual preference and identification, p.rostitution, p.edophilia and r.ape.but they have been situationally driven and initiated by the child. and answered in an age appropriate way.
I'd rather the nerds, or the baddies responsible for the planting of these things, found their kicks somewhere else and left childhood to kids, and their parents who love the age of innocence and discovery

Being Me said...

There are less and less safe things to see and places to go, it seems. The desensitisation that begins practically as soon as we are able to comprehend what we are seeing is just disturbing.

Anna Millie said...

It's a difficult one. How much do we shield our kids from the real world? On the one hand we want to keep them as safe and 'innocent'as possible, but on the other hand, this is the world they are going to have to live in... and one day or another, we will have to let them go. I'm not sure what the answer is to that one.