Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Car park rudeness abounds

Today I took two kids and one baby to the pool in another suburb. Anyone who knows anything remotely about having any number of kids is this. Trek to pool + kids = shit loads of stuff.

Pram, snacks, towels (plus spares for the inevitable drenching of originals throughout morning), picnic blanket, snacks, water bottles, lunch, sunscreen, hats, snacks, clothes, wallet, phone, nappies, wipes, snacks, floaties, goggles. You get the idea.

Today was a disaster. It was packed, both inside and outside pool areas.  It was loud, splashy, crowded and a drowning or kid's lost accident waiting to happen. My only saving grace was that I got there early enough to get a car park in a reasonable distance to the venue. My friends arriving an hour later weren't so lucky.

Three hours down, tired happy kids, lunch had and baby slept and fed it was time to go. So I trekked back to the car with pram and aforementioned truckloads of shit possessions and sodden kids in tow, figuring I'd strip wet bathers and nappy them up (well 2 of the 3 anyway) and let them ride home semi nude.

Only I forgot that car spaces were now at a premium, and the vultures the hopefuls started hovering and following like bush canaries as I approached the car. Just as annoying too. I bipped the car open and one follower claimed victory, now stalking my spot from a distance, indicator flashing to caution all who venture near.

Only, I have stuff to do. Like unload a fully laden pram, strip 3 kids and apply nappies and undies. Like find lost horse figurines dropped from the back seat. Dismantle and fold a bassinet and pram. Strap 3 kids in, take down the window shades etc, you get the idea. All of which takes a frigging long time. I'd have thought even a complete novice would look at me and think, nah, she'll take too long, I'll keep circling.

But no, this determined individual stuck it out, hellbent on having my spot. So I worked consistently, hating that I feel rushed because of this, just trying valiantly to get out of that hellish car park and let them have it once and for all.

At about the, err, I reckon 6 or 7 minute mark I glanced up and gave a sheepish apologetic wave. Yes, I am that pathetic. (Please like me.) No acknowledgement from the stalker. I press on.

Nearing the end of my odyssey, the kids were all tucked safely away and the pram made it into the boot and was slammed shut. Here my stalker made a critical error; they thought I was done. So they revved their engine. Using all 4 cylinders, woo freaking hoo. Whatever; I am almost, but not quite on the sweet ride home.

Only Big Miss is now in the middle for various long winded and boring car seat manoeuvre reasons and can no longer do up her own belt. Neither hardly can I. So grunting and groaning and once accidentally elbowing Little Boy Blue in the head (sorry mate!) I finally had 3 kids tied down, one crying baby and a very hot and bothered mum.

So do you know what my fellow human did to me at his point, as I reopened the boot to retrieve the dummy for my screaming son, venting all their frustration and annoyance at me for apparently taking too damn long to give them "their" Godforsaken car park?

The tooted long and loudly at me, gave me a rude signal through the window and roared off down the car park in search of fresh meat.

Excuse me??

Well the joke was on you buddy, because after waiting almost the full 15 minutes that whole episode took me, you huffed off and about 45 seconds after that I was outta there and another lovely young lady found and took my spot, and as I was driving away I saw you still circling. Karma is a bitch my friend, so be nice to hot, stressed looking mothers struggling with heavy loads on hot days and keep your bloody pants on if you want my car park!!!


stinkb0mb said...

carpark stalkers i HATE them!! if i see them following me as i leave the shop [i mean really?] i will purposely make that call i've been putting off or fill in that work paperwork - i will NOT be forced out of MY bay for anyone!

at christmas just gone, i actually told someone who had the nerve to verbally have a go at me for not jumping into my car and reversing straight away, to p*s* off and that my bay would be empty when i was FINISHED with it, which i was NOT.

if i see someone jump in their car, turn the engine on and start to move, sure i will wait and claim the bay but sitting there for even a couple of minutes or 5 minutes? um no.

i'm so sorry you had to experience that but you're right karma is a bitch!


Hope's Mama said...

What a jerk! I must admit, I did a bit of car park stalking at Doncaster in the Boxing Day sales, but I would have happily and politely waited three days for a park as I was out alone, sans kids, and I had money to burn and wanted to shop! It was nuts there and that was the only way to get a park, either that or just go with dumb luck.
I can't believe someone would do that. I'm glad he didn't get the park. (And I'm assuming it was a he here. Sexist I know).