Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lax mother tale of woe number 749

I (like most mothers, you know you do, don't deny it) often measure my own success or failure rate by yardsticking myself (is so a word) against other mums.
  • behaviour whilst out and about: we come up pretty well
  • whining for things in that voice: not so great
  • tantrum tally: pretty low
  • drama queenitis level: sadly high
  • fighting with siblings: exceptional result
  • eating most foods: improving
  • sleeping at night: depends on the weather/day/time/stage/mood we are all in
So, this week, I think I had a fail, but I'll trust you to help me out here.

Scene: leaving Gymnastics class with Big Miss aged 6. It is 6pm precisely and dinner is no less than 30 minutes away because we are still at gym class at 6pm.

It is the last class before Easter and school holidays, and it is Tuesday night (this point, whilst seemingly banal, is key). The kids are all given two small Easter eggs (well most had a successful hunt, my girl was too slow or not cut throat enough to have scored her own, but the coaches -silly fools didn't obviously count the number of kids to two-eggs-each ratio and several missed out, but I digress...). You know, the teeny tiny solid eggs that we all scoff feeling like we are hardly having any chocolate at all whilst getting imperceptibly larger. Those irresistible ones.

So, on instruction from the coaches, the kids are told to ask before consuming their bounty. Very sensible.

Big Miss asks me straightaway. Not one for dilly dallying when it comes to cocoa-ey goodness, especially for me and even for other small people in my control, and with dinner still a half hour away, I say, "sure", with the inference being; why not? Thanks for asking, go for it, be a kid and enjoy.

Well, apparently here's why I shouldn't have.....

I overhear another parent, asked the same question as we follow them down the stairs. The response from the far more sensible parent than me?

"Noooo darling, we won't be having those tonight, I think those can wait til the weekend, don't you agree?" To which I am sure little Johnny or Janey or whomever was asking was thinking, Noooo I most certainly do not agree, you strange woman!

It's Tuesday night, folks, and the poor kid has to wait til the weekend to eat some chocolate. Now if one is particularly opposed to chocolate, we as parents had the opt-out option for a sultana or equally boring alternative.

So what do you think? Am I lax or laid back or just uncaring of civilised dietary norms?!

Currently gracing our coffee table, I'm clearly an addict....


E. said...

I probably would have let my children eat one or a few of those little eggs given the situation as well.

I'm not sure what kind of parent that makes me, but I go with the whole everything in moderation mindset.

Mnika Borua said...

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Hope's Mama said...

I'm a mean mummy, no chocolate here. Angus has had one half of a chocolate frog and that's been it, apart from a few chic chip bikkies, etc. But he's only two and a half. I think that's fair enough. There will be plenty of chocolate in his future and I know I can't stop that. But for now, while he's so little and while I have full control, no chocolate, and not even at Easter! Oh I know, gasp! The inlaws just can't stand it, they think we are depriving him. But he's already a chubby kid and he just doesn't need it. But at 6, I reckon fair enough. Moderation is key!

alliecat said...

Yeah, I didn't feel bad about it even when I heard that comment from the other parent, I was more amused. I agree E. moderation! Pl;us I'd rather they had chocolate than artificially coloured lollies.

Hope's Mama - once they start at kinder and school and other activities, the chocolate comes forth and it's hard to stop, so I agree, leave it off while you can, he doesn't know what he's missing and a book will be just as exciting on easter morning. I certainly did avoid chocolate early on with Big Miss, but once she was older and started having it I admit it has been harder to keep it away from Little Miss.

On another topic, my kids don't drink soft drink, have never had it. Big Miss has tried it once and she didn't like the fizzy sensation, so other people look at me strangely when I say they don't drink it. It's not necessary and I am happy to leave it out whilst I can, the longer the better!

cjtato said...

I would have done the same as you! :)

But then, I'm not sure I'm MOTY material either. Bwahahahaha.